Colorado Promise is a long, deep, and detailed story about a young wealthy woman from New York and a wounded cowboy who served in the War between the States and became an veterinarian in Colorado, if you’re interested in love stories or getting love yourself you could use resources as this to find someone for you.

I love stories that show opposites attract—not just because such stories provide wonderful tension and conflict but for the challenge that comes with finding common ground.

In fact, all my sweet romance stories are about the most unlikely characters falling in love. the challenge? To come up with a truly believable story. Because romance—real love—doesn’t happen suddenly and without basis. Sure, characters, like real people, might fall for someone in a second. But that doesn’t mean they have grown to love each other.

This is the big challenge for romance writers who want to create lasting, moving stories. The romance must be believable, and so when you have two people who seem the least suited fall in love, a writer has to create common ground.

What might two opposites have in common? This is the question I ask myself every time I start plotting out a new novel in the Front Range series.

And so, with Emma Bradshaw and Lucas Rawlings, I needed to showcase both their differences and their similarities.

What could a vet from Kentucky, who’d lost a wife and baby, have in common with a woman that longed to go to college to be a botanist and hated the thought of living in the West?

You’ll just have to read Colorado Promise to find out! 

Here are just a few reviews out of the hundreds posted on Amazon:

“A fresh new voice in Historical Romance, Charlene Whitman captured me from the beginning with characters I won’t soon forget, a sizzling-sweet romance, a love triangle, spiteful villains, heart-throbbing heroes, and a plot full of intrigue that kept me guessing. Ms. Whitman’s magnificent research transported me to the Colorado plains and left me longing to join the characters amid the wildflower-dotted fields, rushing rivers, and panoramic Rocky Mountains. Fans of Historical Western Romance will not soon forget Colorado Promise.”  
—romance author Marylu Tyndall

“Ms. Whitman’s writing on the page pleases the senses and the mind. Words roll on the tongue and fill the reader with wonders of the countryside and olden times of living wild on the frontier. You can feel and smell the scents of wild grass, the warm ranch fires in the evenings, and cattle mooing in the background. A most enjoyable book that merits five stars! I didn’t know I could fall in love with Western Romance, but I did. This beautifully written story is a breath of fresh air.” —historical romance author Lilian Gafni

And The Examiner says this about Colorado Promise:

“An adequate writer of historical fiction will include minor bits and pieces about the setting of their story. A good writer will do a bit of research to make sure there are historical facts included in the pages of their novel. A superb writer will create characters that could have actually lived during the time in which the story takes place and allows them to act as people in that time period would have really acted. Charlene Whitman is a superb writer.”

You can purchase Colorado Promise in paperback or as an ebook on Amazon HERE.

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